-Emily J., Age 28

"Thank you for your guidance and inspiration, Julie! Having a sweet tooth, the Sugarfree Challenge was certainly a BIG challenge but I have never had such success. I felt great!"

                                           -Erin, Age 42

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"​​I loved working with Julie Taube. Julie is informative, honest, and supportive. I reached weight loss goals I really didn't think were possible anymore. She helped me live MY life in the real world with real food without feeling deprived without any magic pills or potions.  Julie helped me plan ahead, be prepared and that was a life saver.  Her support really kept me going and I'd recommend her to anyone." 

-Hillary, Age 40

"​Julie truly helped me change my life. I never really thought I was eating that bad, but she taught me how to understand food and portion control. Just in my 20s and unable to combat my weight due to hypothyroidism, I felt trapped. Julie's plan led me to feel amazing and lose 50 lbs in 7 months! Better yet, she showed me how to maintain it. Hard work certainly pays off. I cannot thank her enough!" 

-Sarah Allen, 25

"I've enjoyed working with Julie on improving my diet and portion control. She crafted a plan using the food I like to eat and gave me excellent advice on portion size and timing of meals throughout the day. She motivates me to keep at it and also gives great lifestyle tips in addition to the nutritional information. I highly recommend her services." 

                                                                           -Male, 43 

Thank you to Julie for helping me get to my "healthy weight goal"!  Since starting with Julie 5 months ago, I have lost almost 20 lbs, my overall cholesterol level has dropped over 40 points (since the prior year) and my "good" cholesterol is above the recommended level!  She has helped make eating nutritiously easy and that is so important in our fast paced world!                               -Julie, Age 56

My doctor placed me on a stringent gut repair diet. On top of this, I was supposed to gain weight. I struggled to stick to my diet restrictions for months and didn't gain an ounce. It was not until I met with Julie that I started seeing improvements. She wanted to know my eating habits, my food preferences, and my daily schedule. She made the diet work with my lifestyle, not the other way around. After our first meeting, not only did I have a handy menu to follow, but I also knew where to purchase all the ingredients and how to save time when I couldn't be in the kitchen for hours. Healthy Weight Coaching gave me the tools I needed to work towards health. This is a program that is designed to problem solve, not impose impossible goals. I feel blessed to have been able to put my health in Julie's hands.Type your paragraph here.

phone: 678-612-6613 | email: julie@healthyweightcoaching.com 

My wife, Kay, and I had the pleasure and good fortune to attend your terrific nutrition seminar at the Piedmont Driving Club on Feb 23. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and charm turned your well-prepared program into a " fun" experience! Who would have thought that we attendees were in for such an exhilarating hour, one that made us want to come back for more . ( And we are sorry to have missed your family nutrition program today!). Kay and I thought you are a natural to have your own television show!

 -Piedmont Driving Club Atlanta, GA 

"My physician told me that my blood sugar levels were dangerously high and that changing my eating habits was no longer an option. I needed to lose weight, correct the A1C levels and lower my blood pressure. Ms. Taube made changing my eating habits easy and attractive. I was never hungry, had plenty of healthy snacks, and felt like I could eat well and still eat plenty of healthy food. 

​              -Male, 34


"The secret is Julie Taube! Call and work with Julie.  She will build you a customized plan to help you achieve your goals.  Be careful, though.  It may mean having to buy a bunch of new clothes... like I just did!"

​             -Marty Mercer, Age 58